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May 2015

MAY 2015

April was probably about average. We enjoyed some truly beautiful days as well as some cool and windy days. The landscape had on its dreary winter mantle until one day shortly after mid-month when suddenly the forsythia and daffodils were in their full glory. Magnolias and other early flowering trees, shrubs and flowers showed their color shortly thereafter. Green grass started to show, and the piles of snow suddenly disappeared. Then, on the mornings of the 25th & 26th, we awakened to temperatures close to or below freezing. Yes; typical April. Interestingly, one of our professional customers at Apgar Sales Company, in Danbury, stated that “Each year we must have 3 months of winter. March added to January and February made up for the warm month of December. “Now more challenges of nature have begun to test us. As plants begin their new cycle of growth, insects, diseases and animals start their damaging ways.


JAPANESE STILTGRASS continues on its march to take over our properties. ACCLAIM EXTRA is labeled for its control as well as CRABGRASS and certain other grassy weeds. Preemergent crabgrass controls probably will control it too, but it must be applied late in March or early April which is much too early for crabgrass control unless you plan to apply a second application about 6 weeks after the first. Timing is important for crabgrass control as it begins to germinate as soil warms, about the time forsythia flowers fall, and continues to germinate all summer. GREENVIEW’S 24-0-6 with Dimension and a weed killer may kill seedling Stiltgrass, as Dimension, in addition to killing germinating crabgrass, also kills young plants which already have germinated. Other crabgrass preventers only kill germinating plants. A second application of this product 5 or 6 weeks after the first one should keep crabgrass and weeds under control and the lawn looking beautiful.

Keep in mind that thick turf keeps weeds from germinating. Good soil is the key as it is important that roots penetrate at least 4 inches, but better yet, at least 6 inches. Phosphorus is the key nutrient for root growth, but is locked out in our normally acid soil.

We LIME in order to release that phosphorus. Products such as QUANTUM GROWTH help too. It helps the soil bacteria and microbes do their job in assuring optimum results.

If SEEDING is required in May, be sure to cover it with SALT HAY or MULCH HAY and keep it moist. Quantum Growth is advised here too, as it helps speed germination. It is important to get the roots down so the grass can withstand the heat and drought of summer.


GOOSE BUSTER works well in sending these mess making nuisances elsewhere.

RCO MOLE PATROL does a good job killing these critters. CHASE is one of the CASTOR OIL products which repel moles from your property. SPEAR TRAPS remain popular among those who have mastered their use.

SKUNKS will dig in areas where they have found grubs in the past; even if none are present now. DRIED BLOOD scattered over the area generally stops their activity. REPELS ALL is one of the repellents labeled for the purpose.

BOBBEX is still one of the popular DEER CONTROL products. We have several others for those of you who have a favorite product. Check the label on BOBBEX-R. It’s excellent for ROSES.

Be sure to check all your plants on an ongoing basis. Remove insects whenever practical and spray with a labeled insecticide if necessary.

LIME in vegetable gardens supposedly produces sweeter radishes and ALUMINUM SULFATE produces hotter peppers.

PULVERIZED CALCITIC LIME (HI-CAL) is an excellent product for use in gardens. It has a talc-like consistency and rapidly goes to work.

VEGETABLE GARDENS need to be fenced in if you hope to enjoy the results of your hard work.

SEED POTATOES AND ONION SETS are available at Mill River, as are seeds from


COW POTS have become popular as growing containers you can plant directly into the soil. PEAT POSTS, LABELS and TRAYS are some of the other products for your gardening needs.

FERTRELL’S SOIL MINERALIZER provides an excellent source of soluble calcium and beneficial microorganisms. The calcium helps suppress weeds and helps build stronger plants, while the microorganisms help fix nitrogen making it readily available. Use about 10 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft.

MILORGANITE is still one of our favorite products. It can be used on trees, shrubs, gardens and lawns which are newly seeded or show the need for phosphorus. It contains iron and trace elements needed by all plants.

NEW BOOKS – Look at Julia Rothman’s NATURE ANATOMY and FARM ANATOMY. We guarantee you will want to own at least one of them.

In addition to our SHARPENING SERVICE, KEY CUTTING, and ability to BUILD MANY OF YOUR SPECIAL WOODEN NEEDS; we also have REPLACEMENT HANDLES for many of your tools. Tools. We can put them on for you or sell them to you for your own repair.

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