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June 2015

JUNE 2015

May gave us much summer-like weather with many days of temperatures in the 80s. The accompanying breeze and lack of rain gave us some challenges. Days of beauty by many May flowering trees a shrubs were cut short by the heat. We finally were treated with a little more than an inch of rain on the night of the 15th. It helped a lot, but more is needed.

Little Bitter Cress, one of the earliest lawn weeds, did not seem to be a problem this year, probably because it likes moisture. The invasive, Garlic mustard, however, was in its glory as were Dandelions and Broadleaf Plantain.

Winter damage, much of it from salt, showed up on evergreens. Turf too, suffered damage in many areas. Boxwoods, as is often happens, suffered from winter’s harsh weather.

Lee had a busy month. In addition to working in the store during this, our busy season, she attended the Composting conference sponsored by Bedford 20-20; spoke at a meeting to interested people on Natural Methods of Tick Control and with Jay had a table at the Lasdon Plant Sale.

Some of her thoughts and recommendations are shared in this issue.


CALCIUM CHLORIDE is a good product for dust control on dirt lanes and other areas that kick up dust as you drive. It’s also good for use on many tennis courts. We have both the Flake and the Pellet in stock.

In addition to FERTILIZER, QUANTUM GROWTH and SUPERTHRIVE help all plants grow strong and healthy, in addition to helping overcome the ravages wrought by winter.

MOSQUITO DUNKS are little donut shaped products containing the organic pesticide, BT. Place Place them in decorative pools, and any other thing which contains standing water. They kill the larvae of mosquitoes before they can hatch.

POND KLEEN is the natural product which helps reduce bottom sludge and aids in the control of algae. “The Pond Kleen technology is a chemical free process which helps break the cycle of stagnant water and unpleasant odors. Unlike algaecides, Pond Kleen digests and liquefies the organic wastes that build up in a pond. Algaecides only temporarily reduce algae growth, but do not address water quality issues.” When water temperature is in the 60 to 100 degree range, apply 1 lb. per 100,000 gallons or about 3 lbs per acre foot at monthly intervals.”

POISON IVY and other invasive weeds can be controlled with natural products, such as BURNOUT or the 20% VINEGAR PRODUCT. The chemical product GLYPHOSATE is a systemic and does the job more quickly and efficiently.


FERTILIZE THE LAWN if you missed the Memorial Day feeding. A second application of GREENVIEW’S 24-0-6 with a crabgrass preventive and a weed killer should keep lawns beautiful as well as crabgrass and weed free for the rest of the season. FERTREL, ESPOMA and NATURE SAFE all have excellent ORGANIC foods, if you prefer natural products.

ADIOS is a natural SELECTIVE LAWN WEED KILLER which has become popular. CORN GLUTEN is the crabgrass preventive which should have been applied earlier. There still is no organic/natural crabgrass killer of which we are aware.

ACCLAIM EXTRA is one of the products to kill CRABGRASS which could appear in lawns with which no pre-emergence was used. The weed also sometimes escapes pre-emergence treatment.

Keep in mind that it is easier to PULL WEEDS from moist soil if you prefer this method rather than using a liquid or dry control.

SOWING LAWN SEED at this time is a gamble Success is more likely if you have automatic irrigation which will help provide the moisture required for germination and root growth. QUANTUM GROWTH will help promote germination.


Jerry Giordano, Senior Horticultural Consultant/Extension Community Educator/Cooperative Extension Agent, sent us the following piece of information about watering:

He says it is important to know how much water is being delivered during an irrigation system’s sprinkling cycle. He says one inch of water per week, inclusive of rainfall, is the accepted amount that University experts suggest in the Northeast. He states a system may be under-watering or over-watering. “Over-watering is especially tough on a number of plants such as boxwood, taxus and juniper.” (His letter offers a suggestion on calibrating zone. Call us for a copy.)


VEGGIES GROW BAG – “Coco Coir Grow Bag for peppers, cucumbers, zucchinis or any summer vegetable. Expands to 4 times original size”. $8.95.

BETTER BEDS Red Mulch Film. “Increases TOMATO yield up to 20%.” It retains moisture, controls weeds and warms the soil. It is perforated to allow water and air to reach plants and reflects red color to stimulate growth. Quality of tomatoes is enhanced by reflecting red light back to plant. Can be used to enhance growth of STRAWBERRIES, MELONS, RED PEPPERS and other crops that fruit above round.” Package includes 8 pre-cut 3 ft. x 3 ft. sheets. “Reusable 2-3 seasons. $10.95

SLUGGO is a product to consider for the control of snails and slugs in the garden. SLUGGO PLUS will control them along with other problem soil pests.

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