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Following December’s warm lead, much of January was warmer than normal. True, we had many nights when the temperature dropped below freezing, but, for the most part, early in the month, daytime temperatures were in the thirties and forties, sometimes even higher. We missed what would have been about two feet of snow when two inches of rain fell. Shortly after that, the Artic Express came through our area and left a half inch or so of light, powdery snow which quickly melted as the temperature rose.

Later in the month temperatures dropped and we were pounded with blizzard like conditions and a significant snowfall of ten inches or more. Fortunately it came on a Saturday and was light and fluffy. It will be interesting to see how the remaining winter days and nights treat us.

Almost everything in the store can be purchased at 20% off. Only a few items are exempt. Check the Product List enclosed and stock up on items you will use now or later. Fill in the Entry Form and get a chance to win one of three fifty dollar gift certificates. True – the amount is no where near the amount you could win in Power Ball lottery, but your chances of winning are millions of times better.

NEED A SPECIAL BIRD HOUSE, WINDOW BOX or other wood item? Check us out. Cody probably can build it for you.

HAVE A SUPPLY OF ICE MELTER ON HAND. We can count on more wet, icy days before winter ends. We have the long popular CALCIUM CHLORIDE along with some combo products and other labeled to be safe for pets and plants.


HORTICULTURAL (Dormant) OIL applied on a day when it will dry before temperatures drop below freezing will help kill overwintering insects of fruits and ornamentals.

APPLY LIME or SOLU-CAL to lawns when the opportunity presents itself. It will work its way into the soil more quickly than that which is applied later. The law requires you to wait until April first before LAWN FERTILIZER can be applied.

CONTINUE FEEDING WILD BIRDS. They always are happy for your thoughtfulness, especially during winter months when food selection in the wild is limited. We have many mixes and individual varieties both with and without hulls. We also have many types of suet cakes as well as a number of different types of feeders.

Birds also appreciate a source of water. We offer heaters to help you provide it.

Choose from our wide selection of FLOWER AND VEGETABLE SEEDS including ones for you who are organic growers. You’ll find racks from several well known seedsmen.

SEED STARTING SUPPLIES include Pro Mix, Reddi Earth, Metro and other starting mediums. You’ll find Flats, Heat Mats, Peat Pots, lights and Labels to help you raise successful crops. Seeds to start in February include Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Celery and Onions. Flowers include Coleus, Impatiens, Lobelia, Petunias and Snapdragons. In March you can start Tomatoes, Peppers, Tall Marigolds and other quick growing flowers.

GROWING ORGANICALLY or just want a successful garden? We probably have the widest selection in the area of products for you. Included, besides a wide selection of Natural Pesticides, you’ll find Crab Shells, kelp, Cottonseed Meal, Green Sand, Gypsum, Rock Phosphate, Sweet Peet, as well as a variety of products from Coast of Maine, Espoma, Fertrell and others.

Choose from our selection of COMPOST BINS. We also have COMPOST CRANKS.

FEED TREES AND SHRUBS with Hollytone, Milorganite or other slow release fertilizer.

PLACE DAMMINIX TUBES in March. Place along walls, woodpiles and under shrubs.

They do an excellent job killing ticks before they can pass on LYME DISEASE carried by mice.

ADD MULCH to foundation plantings and other areas which will benefit from it. PINE BARK remains the most popular and three inches is an optimum depth. COCOA and BUCKWHEAT HULLS are popular for use in formal beds.


ANTS; both large and small, often appear in our homes. We have products to help you be rid of them.

MICE find their way into garages, barns and even our houses. Mill River Supply has the traps and poisons for their control as well as for the control of RATS.

BED BUGS can be difficult to control. We offer products for indoor use, including Diatomaceous Earth. We also have one which is legal to carry on planes. Use it on luggage before leaving hotels or motels.

BROWN MAMORATED STINK BUGS prefer the warmth of our homes in winter. They emit an offensive odor when squashed. They do no harm indoors, but do damage fruits, vegetables and ornamentals, so it’s a good idea to get rid of them before they have a chance to destroy vegetation. We have products for their indoor control.



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